Xrar is an artistic project developed by ĠF Abela Junior College and Troupe 18:45 under the curation of Dr Trevor Borg.  The project is divided in two parts: Contemporary Inside 2018 Exhibition and a Visual Arts Expo for Young Artists at the Junior College campus.  The project is supported by the Premju tal-President għall-Kreattività 2017.


Xrar, Maltese for sparks, is the working title of this visual art project. Within the artistic spheres it is quite common to refer to the creative spark, and here we are making reference to multiple sparks motivating several pieces of art using as many media as possible.  Xrar is meant to question the confines of what is perceived as art and to involve young people in this dialogue.  For this reason Xrar is being set up at the University of Malta Junior College; acting as a catalyst to promote possibilities for creative practice within educational institutions.


The project’s two parts are: i) the Contemporary Inside 2018 exhibition and ii) a Visual Arts Expo for Young Artists.  The exhibition is set for February-March in line with our celebrations of V18 whereas the competition is set for November as part of the closure events planned at Junior College.

I)               The Contemporary Inside 2018 exhibition the first of its kind at Junior College, is aimed to expose the students to the latest developments in the local art scene. It will create a space whereby viewers may engage with the artworks in a professional setting. The exhibition will also be open to the general public.  The exhibition will open on Friday 16 February 2018 and will run for three weeks till Friday 9 March 2018.  The exhibition will be open everyday from 1000 – 1400hrs. 

The exhibiting artists will hold a series of talks and workshops throughout the duration of the exhibition. Contemporary Inside 2018 is showcasing the following six artists: Pierre Portelli, Vince Briffa, Austin Camilleri, Sina Farrugia Micallef, Patrick Fenech and Trevor Borg.  These artists will give a broad spectrum of contemporary art; from film to mixed media and interactive work, ceramic art, painting media and fine art photography.

II)              The Visual Art Expo for Young Artists will also be the first of its kind at Junior College and it is aimed for any student ranging from 16 to 21 years of age.  Participation in the competition is not limited to Junior College students and the pieces will be exploring a specific theme: ‘No Borders’.  We will also advertise this project amongst the immigrant population in Malta through NGOs working in the field. 

A professional panel composed of artists in the contemporary field of visual arts will judge the works to select the top ten.  The top ten will be exhibited in an appropriate space on the Junior College campus and be given prominence for four weeks and will feature in a high-grade catalogue.  The panel will then select a winning piece so that it is decorated with the Xrar Award linked to a prize. The Xrar Award will also see the winner receiving precious advice by the panel members, as they will invest time in coaching the winner in contemporary art based on their individual expertise.



Xrar offers the possibility to young students (targeting mostly but not exclusively art students) to engage directly with the work of established artists.  These young budding artists will be guided both during the Contemporary Inside /18 exhibition and the Visual Arts Expo for Young Artists. The team of artists revolving around the Xrar experience will be present to help, guide, judge, give feedback and provide encouragement to budding artists.  The artists involved will additionally help increase the profile of Xrar and reach a certain calibre of excellence.


Xrar will provide young artists with a platform to showcase their artistic and creative potential in the visual arts;  improve their artistic skills through talks and workshops;  working with established artists directly and by learning how an exhibition is set up and run.



Contemporary Inside 2018 is open to the general public from Monday 19 February to Friday 09 March 2018.  Doors are open from Monday to Friday between 10:00am and 2:00pm.



For more information, please find us on Facebook (facebook.com/contemporaryinside2018) or call us on 2590 7201.